Capsulated Protein of Black Solder Fly Prepura

Capsulated Protein (defatted biomass) made from the Black Soldier Fly's prepupa

Packing: 160 pieces

For what:
  • Problems in musculoskeletal system (pains, bruises, fractures, injuries), restoration of joints (cartilage, fluid in the joint), strengthening of bones, ligaments, hair and nails
  • A source of organic, easily digestible calcium, fracture recovery
  • Intestinal microflora
  • Immunity normalization
  • Normalization of the thyroid gland (alignment of hormonal disruptions)
  • Haemorrhoids with fat
  • As a general strengthening effect on the whole body, postoperative rehabilitation
  • Oncology (together with chemotherapy until clinical trials showed a serious improvement up to a complete cure, were carried out in Denmark)
  • Restoration of potency, (both young and old)
  • Allergy treatment including allergy to salt, fat, alcohol... etc.
  • Increases body endurance
  • It accumulates oxygen in tissues (tested by climbers in conditions of oxygen starvation in the highlands).
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